Pomeranian Way of St. James

Pomeranian Way of St. James

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Way of St James. James
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  1. Polska  The Municipality of Lębork, Lead Beneficiary
  2. Polska  The Country of Lębork
  3. Polska  The Self-government of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
  4. Polska  The Self-government of Pomorskie Voivodeship
  5. Polska  Szczecinska Foundation
  6. Polska  The Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization
  7. Lithuania  Kretinga District
  8. Deutsch  The Ernst Moritz Arndt university of Greifswald

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First steps along the Pomeranian Way of St. James

Friday, 6 December 2013
Pomeranian Way of St. James

We are delighted to present you with reports provided by the travellers of the Pomeranian Way of St. James. More and more often we get feedback from pilgrims who - individually as well as in groups, plan or have already travelled along sections of the way.

“We may often read at www.camino.net.pl website about meetings and experiences of pilgrims who have been attracted by the concept of travelling along the Way of St. James. Here, in Tricity we are just making our first steps. On 10th November 2012 a group of 5 people travelled from the Church of St. James in Gdańsk to the Church of St. James in Oliwa, and made use of the description of the Pomeranian Way of St. James available online as a guidebook. On the New Year’s Eve, with the online description still as a guide, we travelled in a group of four from Sobieszewo to the Church of St. James in Gdańsk. 1st International Pilgrimage of St. James from Gdańsk to Lębork as well as the official opening of the Way in Lębork and Szczecin took place in July. We have established new contacts and set off to our Camino. Some of us have just learned about Polish ways of St. James, some have been to Santiago de Compostela, still the concept of travelling along Polish ways of St. James occurred attractive. Our group is undergoing change. There are people who travelled along the ways from Oliwa to Żukowo and from Żukowo to Kartuzy in July. The route is set out from Kępki within Pomeranian Province, therefore we decided to travel along subsequent stages with a starting point in Elbląg. We are now making use of the “Pomeranian Way of St. James” guidebook published by “Szczecińska” Foundation. And this way in the group of five we reached Nowy Dwór Gdański on 21st September, in the group of eight we reached Niedźwiedzica on 6th October, and in the group of seven - Sobieszewo, on 20th October. This is how we covered Gdańsk sectios of the Pomeranian Way of St. James (approx. 90 km). Our route covered 4 churches of St. James – in Tuja, Niedźwiedzica, Gdańsk and Oliwa. Images and sculptures of St. James may be also found in St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk. On Sunday, 10th November 2012, we participated in the holy mass in Tuja and Niedźwiedzica; we joined travellers commemorating the anniversary of the European Act; on 20th October (though from some distance) we joined the star-shaped pilgrimage leading to the “Pope’s window”. Feel invited to travel along the Pomeranian Way of St. James, which joins the Via Baltica. It is described from Kretinga in Lithuania to Greifswald in Germany. It is 1133, 6 km long.

Buen Camino"

Małgorzata Smyl


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