Pomeranian Way of St. James

Pomeranian Way of St. James

RECReate - re-vitalisation of the European
Culture Route in the South Baltic Area

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Way of St James. James
Map Way of St James. James
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  1. Polska  The Municipality of Lębork, Lead Beneficiary
  2. Polska  The Country of Lębork
  3. Polska  The Self-government of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
  4. Polska  The Self-government of Pomorskie Voivodeship
  5. Polska  Szczecinska Foundation
  6. Polska  The Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization
  7. Lithuania  Kretinga District
  8. Deutsch  The Ernst Moritz Arndt university of Greifswald

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Cooperation with the Foundation of Marek Kamiński

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Pomeranian Way of St. James

The intention letter on cooperation between the Foundation of Marek Kamiński and Lębork Town Municipality was signed during the solemn session of the Town Council in Lębork on 25th July this year. Within the scope of the project called “The Odyssey. Man searching for values” implemented by the Foundation the parties declared to undertake activities promoting pilgrimages along the Pomeranian Way of St. James.

The idea is that Marek Kamiński is going to travel the route backwards from Santiago de Compostela to Gdańsk through Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Poland in spring 2015. “Our origin, our destination” ("Skąd przybywamy, dokąd zmierzamy”) sentence will be the motto sentence of debates which are going to take place in all of these countries.

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