Pomeranian Way of St. James

Pomeranian Way of St. James

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Way of St James. James
Map Way of St James. James
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  1. Polska  The Municipality of Lębork, Lead Beneficiary
  2. Polska  The Country of Lębork
  3. Polska  The Self-government of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
  4. Polska  The Self-government of Pomorskie Voivodeship
  5. Polska  Szczecinska Foundation
  6. Polska  The Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization
  7. Lithuania  Kretinga District
  8. Deutsch  The Ernst Moritz Arndt university of Greifswald

Sections of the Route
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Lębork Section of the Way of St James

Lębork Way of St James starts at the Sanctuary of the Mother of God of Sianowo, the Queen of Kashubian District in Sianowo. We set out from the Sanctuary and head north-west following PTTK Red Trail along the local road to Mirachowo. After about 0.5km we turn left into a dirt road leading to the village of Cieszonko. Next, after 5.5km walk we reach Mirachowo. From this village we go northward to Nowa Huta and having passed the village, we enter Mirachowo-Strzepcz road and turn left. After about 0.5km we leave the Red Trail, which turns left, and go straight for another kilometre. We turn left before the bus stop and walk towards Linia. We reach the village after covering about 7km. We leave Linia, take the road to Zakrzewo and after walking about 1.5km, just past the level crossing, turn left into the dirt road leading towards Okalice. We arrive in the village after about 5km walk. In the centre of Okalice we leave Łebunia-Popowo main road and turn left into the dirt road along which we go further for about 3.5km. Having passed Lake Osowo, we turn left again and next, after covering about 0.5km, right. Then, we go straight for about 3km to the site from where we can admire a picturesque view over Lębork and the village of Rybki. We go straight on. After walking about 2km, we reach the bus terminus at the municipal cemetery in Lębork. We turn left into Kaszubska Street and then, at the intersection, right into Krzywoustego Street and we go along this street towards the town centre.  Just past Solidarności Roundabout, we turn right into the main pedestrian and trade route, i.e. Staromiejska Street, and get to Plac Pokoju (the main Square). Next, after walking round the Square along Waryńskiego Street, we go right and following down Franciszkańska Street, reach the Sanctuary of St James the Apostle. On the parish premises we can see the post with the logo of the Way which in its essence resembles the medieval posts marking the then pilgrimage routes. Inside the church we can see, among others, grade 1 relic of the patron as well as 2 renaissance tombstones, the high altar in baroque style, the tubernaculum and the rococo pulpit. From the church we go towards Derdowskiego Street. Next, as we approach the street we turn left and then, after 100m, we turn right between the walls and the Ivy Tower and we get to Kossaka Street. We turn left and go straight ahead for about 2.5km to Nowa Wieś Lęborska. When we get to the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights, we turn right into Kisewa Street (from this point on we follow PTTK Black Trail). Next, we turn left and going down Polna Street we reach Lębork-Łeba road. We turn right and after walking 20-30 metres, right again in the direction of Kębłowo Nowowiejskie. After covering about 1km, we go past the Office of Local Forest Administration (leśnicwto) in Nowa Wieś Lęborska and heading straight ahead we reach the crossroads after 500m. Here we go left and after next 300m we go left again towards Wilkowo Nowowiejskie. We arrive in the village after walking about 3km. In Wilkowo we go past a unique tourist attraction, namely the longest board in the world which is 40m long.

Next, we head for Garczegorze, the village which we reach after walking 2.5km down the local asphalt road. Going through the village, we go past the neo-Gothic church on the right. The construction of the church was completed in 1897. At the first intersection past Garczegorze, we turn right and walk towards Łebień. The intersection mentioned above is about 5.5km from the centre of the village (with yet another interesting neo-Gothic church). In Łebień, at the crossroads a bit north of the church, we turn left into the road leading to Lędziechowo. We get to the village after covering 2km. Then, we head for the village called Gęś. After walking about 1.5km, we cross Lębork-Łeba county road and next, going straight ahead for about 500m we reach the centre of the village, where three trails meet: the Black Trail (it ends here), the Green Trail and the Way of St James. We proceed straight on and after walking 1.5km we go past an installation by Tomasz Sobisz, a sculptor, on the left. The installation is to commemorate the victims of the Death March. After walking next 500m, we turn right and next, after further 600m, we reach the edge of the forest and we go along the edge of the forest for about 1.5km. We turn right past the forest, thus getting to the first buildings of the commune village of Wicko (after ca. 500m ). Next we go leftwards. After 200m we get to Słupsk-Wicko road, where we turn right and head for the centre of Wicko. We head for Łeba at the main crossroads in the village. We leave Wicko and walk towards Charbrowo along a pavement a bit away from the road. In Charbrowo, we go past the baroque church from 1669 on the left and next, on the right, we can admire the period mansion house of the von Somnitz family. Having left the village for Łeba, we find ourselves walking on the most dangerous section of Lębork Way of St James due to very heavy traffic (especially in the summer) and no shoulder wide enough to walk on. After about 1km we reach a hill where the main road turns left but we go straight down an old alley to reach the edge of the forest after about 500m. We go straight on. After 1.5km we cross the level crossing on Lębork-Łeba railway line and after next 700m we get to the first buildings of Łebieniec. Next, we turn right and find ourselves on Stęknica-Ulinia road. Here we head right and walk along the road for about 1.5km. At the crossroads in Szczenurze, we turn left into the road leading to Nowęcin. From this point on we go as far as the railway station in Łeba, following PTTK Green Trail. We reach the centre of Nowęcin after about 3.5km. We go past the grand palace of the Wejhers on the right, where we turn left heading for Łeba. Then, we go along Łebska and Nowęcińska Streets for about 1.5km and reach the roundabout, where we turn right into St James Alley. Going along the alley, we cannot miss St James Church being under construction at present. On the parish premises, we definitely must see relics of the saint. We leave St James Alley right before the Chełst Canal and turn left. We go along 10 Marca and 11 Listopada Streets, go past the Tourist Information Point (open throughout the year) and eventually reach the roundabout near the railway station. We cross the railway line past the roundabout and turn left into a hard-surfaced road (Wspólna Street) and follow PTTK Yellow Trail to the village of Żarnowska. We will follow the Yellow Trail to the end of our pilgrimage, i.e. the village of Smołdzino. We arrive in Żarnowska after covering about 4.5km, walking along a causeway most of the distance. It should be noted here that the road leads here through a boggy area, hence it may be difficult to walk, especially after heavy rainfalls or during spring thaws. We go through Żarnowska walking along Jeziorna Street and turn left to finally leave the village, marching past a little church on the right. After about 1km we enter the Słowiński National Park, where it is absolutely necessary to observe rules and regulations applicable in such places, e.g. you must not stray off the trail. We get to the village of Gać after walking next 7km,  going past Bielica and Olszyna Strictly Protected Areas on the way. We go through the village walking down the main street and next head for Izbica. Just past the village of Gać, we go over the bridge on the Łeba River and then go over another bridge over the Stara Łeba River. Walking along the main street, we go through Izbica.  Remember that we follow the Yellow Trail all the time. The next village on the Way is Kluki, where we get after 7km walk. Most of the distance between Izbica and Kluki is walked along a causeway (as in the case of Łeba-Żarnowska section), which may be difficult to cover after heavy rains. In the centre of Izbica, we turn left towards Smołdziński Forest. Next, we move on for about 7km and turn left again right before the Łupawa Łebska Canal. We walk further for 5km and reach Smołdzino. Once in the village, we go along Mostnika and Lipowa Streets heading for Gardna Wielka. Next, we turn left into Daszyńskiego Street and find ourselves at the foot of Rowokół Hill where the Holy Trinity Church, built in 1632, is situated. The church marks the end of Lębork Way of St James.

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