Pomeranian Way of St. James

Pomeranian Way of St. James

RECReate - re-vitalisation of the European
Culture Route in the South Baltic Area

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Way of St James. James
Map Way of St James. James
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  1. Polska  The Municipality of Lębork, Lead Beneficiary
  2. Polska  The Country of Lębork
  3. Polska  The Self-government of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
  4. Polska  The Self-government of Pomorskie Voivodeship
  5. Polska  Szczecinska Foundation
  6. Polska  The Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization
  7. Lithuania  Kretinga District
  8. Deutsch  The Ernst Moritz Arndt university of Greifswald

The Self-government of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
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Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship is situated in the North West of Poland. It borders on Germany from the West, and neighbours on Denmark, Sweden and Norway through the Baltic Sea from the North and Pomorskie Voivodeship as well as Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie Voivodeships from the East and the South respectively. It is one of 16 voivodeships in Poland and covers 114 communes and 21 counties. It is Poland’s  fifth largest region with the area 22,9 thousand square metres. It is populated by 1,7mln people. The seat of voivodeship is Szczecin.

The region has its own passenger airport in Goleniów. Its asset is the proximity of Berlin airports to which transport is provided by passenger transport companies. Tourists from Scandinavia can get here by ferries calling at Świnoujście.

One of the major and indisputable assets of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship is its unique nature. It is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches stretching for 185km along the Baltic coastline. West Pomerania has picturesque landscapes with forests and parks, including national parks, scenic parks and nature reserves. In the parks and forests, more and more cycling and walking routes are being created, thus enabling tourists to enjoy leisure activities at the pace that suits them most. While walking through greenery, one may admire different species of wild fauna and flora.

The region also has rivers, lakes and Szczecin Lagoon (or Bay) all of which attract lovers of disciplines such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing  or diving. The water area covers 46% of the region’s area and therefore plays a very important role in tourism development. The region’s geographical situation makes it a good interchange point for bus, train, ferry of airplane connections to other parts of Poland or Europe.

Its natural values also include deposits of therapeutic mud, brine and also favourable microclimate all of which create perfect conditions for recuperation and improving health in health resorts like Kamień Pomorski, Kołobrzeg, Połczyn Zdrój and Świnoujście. Therefore, a visit to the region may boost energy and vigour and improve visitors’ physical and mental health.

Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship is characterised by rich cultural offering. Historic buildings and sites found here are a tangible evidence of the region’s history as well as the outcome of the meeting of West European, Polish and Scandinavian cultural influences. In the region, you can visit castles that once were the centre of power of the dukes of Pomerania and bishops. There are also complexes of manor houses and palaces which are yet another element adding to the area’s unique character. And it is the numerous castles and fortifications that unquestionably show the voivodeship’s identity and scenic beauty.

West Pomerania is teeming with sacred buildings. There are many small country churches, chapels and roadside shrines whose quaint character reminds of the unusual history of West Pomerania. There are also grand sacred buildings, the reflection of the church of the past. A number of well-preserved buildings you can still see in this voivodeship were once used by the Cistercians, the Order of St John of Jerusalem and Templar Knights. Today, they are the most important elements of the most interesting routes of the region.

West Pomerania has many organised events which add to its overall attractiveness. The unique character of the events focusing on a wide range of themes attracts tourists with a variety of interest. They provide great entertainment but, above all, are appreciated for educational values. By visiting West Pomeranian open-air museums or theme villages, tourist may feel like they participate in the life of an ancient community.

Beautiful towns and cities are part of the region’s culture, too. Each of them has a specific character- its own history, traditions and infrastructure. Therefore, a visit to West Pomerania is an opportunity to meet new people, places and customs. Big cities, like Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg or Koszalin, are popular destinations for tourist from different areas. However, smaller towns are definitely worth visiting, too. Picturesquely situated and having rich history, they constitute very important points on the tourist map of West Pomerania. A walk along quaint streets of West Pomeranian towns amongst beautiful historical buildings makes one sense the atmosphere of the old times. Cultural offering of West Pomerania includes theatres, museums, galleries, art rooms and libraries.

Local cuisine makes the region’s tradition even more interesting. The voivodeship prides in products entered on the List of Traditional Products such as paprykarz szczeciński (fish paste with red peppers), Kołobrzeg cucumber, Drahim honey, Koprzywień wholemeal bread or mead also called honey wine. All of them enrich the region’s offer, adding an exceptional flavour to it. The voivodeship is a member of the  European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage and in this way also helps to preserve the tradition.

The region has a wide selection of tourist accommodation including high standard facilities and less exclusive ones. Tourist may choose from hotels, motels, boarding houses, camp sites, farm tourism houses or youth hostels.

Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship is an exceptional region characterised by great diversity. The combination of tradition and modernity, nature and urbanization guarantees that a visit to West Pomerania will be an unforgettable experience to any visitor.            

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